Are We Real? (Ponder the Mystery)

So, The Matrix covers todays topic pretty well, and was indeed an inspiration for it, so if you haven’t seen it, then you really should watch it. It is down as one of the greatest films of all time so you are missing out! In the film, the idea is that the world we live in isn’t real. It is all a simulation to prevent is from knowing and understanding the horrors of the real world.

My question today is quite simple. What if that is reality? We already know, and it is quite obvious that there is a lot that we don’t know. The government hides loads from us because they fear our response to the truth. This isn’t just my theory, it is the truth. There are leaked official documents on the internet of UFO sightings by the government, which they refused to make public, confirming the sightings of UFOs, and there are other leaked documents about other things.

I am not some crazy conspiracy theorist, and this is the first time I have mentioned anything relating to cover-ups on my blog (I think) but “The Truth Is Out There, Skully”. Anyway, enough of the science-fiction mumbo jumbo, that has nothing to do with todays topic. My question to all of you, and I want your honest opinions. Have you ever though that maybe what we are living isn’t actually the real world? I know I have. What is it that powers life?

If you don’t believe in God, like me, then I am sure you spend a lot of time Pondering the Mystery of life. It is absurd that everything we can do, and have seen is possible, and it all at some point came from nothing, so the idea, that this isn’t reality, and we are merely dreaming, or we are living some kind of simulation makes a lot of sense.What definitive proof is there that this life we live is real? No one really knows. In my opinion, there isn’t enough of an explanation as to how mankind came about, and how life itself began. The human race is, and has always, been in the dark. We don’t know how life started. We don’t know what powers us, and what makes us alive. We will never know. This is why I am scared, and yet also excited to die. When I do, I will find out the truth. Or will I? What if after death there is just rot, and decay? No one knows. This is why I am just as scared as I am excited.

Even if you are religious, I am sure there is some part of you that is still nervous. Religion is not based on facts, it is based on belief. This is why I am an atheist. As soon as a religion exists with 100% proof that it is the truth, I will convert to it. Until that day, I am going to continue Pondering the Mystery.

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The Life Poster

P.S: Whilst I like the message in the William Shatner song, the video is kind of funny, which is why I kept referencing it.

Humans Living on Mars

So whilst I was browsing the internet earlier, I came across something I was actually really shocked to hear about. In 9 years, only 9, a colony of humans will begin to live on Mars. That’s right. Some people have already signed up to participate in the necessary training for this. A group of 4 people will go each year, and slowly the colony will expand, and more and more people will start to live there. However, there is a catch to this. You can NEVER return. Apparently your body changing from the atmosphere on Mars to the atmosphere on Earth again would be deadly or something. It suprises me that so many people were eager to sign up for this. Either they didn’t read the conditions properly or they actually never want to return to Earth. I know life treats some people harshly, but the idea of never seeing a forest again, never seeing animals again, and mostly, never seeing your FAMILY again. I couldn’t do that. I have a life here that I have been living for a while now. I couldn’t just throw it all away.

I was also shocked by this since, honestly, I didn’t think that this would begin to happen for decades, but apparently it is already time for human life to expand outside of our home planet. It feels like I have suddenly zoomed hundreds of years into the future. How is all of this already happening? I feel like I am in a Science-Fiction movie.

Whilst thinking about this, my mind wandered to the future, and how, maybe, by the time I am 60 or 70, travelling to Mars and other planets will just be like hopping on a plane to another Country, and maybe going to Earth will sort of be like returning home. Maybe we will have the Mars News, and TV channels on Mars, and all of these weird things that I thought were so much further away then they actually are.

Of course, all of this Mars expedition thing is still a way away, 9 years is a long time, things could get in the way and delay it, or it may be cancelled, but would if it isn’t? What if mankind actually begins to live on Mars and slowly more and more people start to live there. What’s next? Will we make contact with extraterrestrials? Will we expand across the stars? What is in our future? We will never know.

A question I would like to now ask YOU as the reader of this article is: If you could go right now and live on Mars, but you could never come back, would you do it? If yes, why? If no, then what would it take to persuade you to go? Let me know in the comments. Personally, I wouldn’t go unless I lost the things that mean the most to me, and even then, I would only go if the place I lived in was familiar, and felt a bit like Earth. I couldn’t just give up, not just my life but my PLANET. I would die on Mars. That isn’t where I want to die. I want to die on Earth, in England, where I was born.

Thank you all for reading,

The Life Poster