What Chatroulette Says About Us

Anyone here been on Chatroulette? Or Omegle? Or something like it? Well you know then that the amount of serial masturbators on these things is ridiculous. So many horny old men wanting to get themselves off over anything that is willing to show tits. It is sick, and depraved.

Now this isn’t just men. There are so many horny girls on these things as well. People who will take there top off for strangers. Why? Because they like being desirable to men, sure, that is normal, but it doesn’;t just come down to that. They are sluts, that is what it is. Not all women are like this no, just like not all men are serial masturbators, however it says a lot about society when about every 1 in 5 people you see on Chatrouletter are men with there dicks out getting off, and about 1 in 50 girls are horny, just showing off there tits. So seriously now, what does this say about society?

Do women need to show breasts to be desriable? No!

Do men need to have huge cocks to be desriable? No!

So why has society made us think this? Once again, it is the media, it is stereotypes, all of this brainwashes us into believing these things! We need to stop this! We need to start acting like caring people who aren’t just attracted to peoples exteriors.

There is nothing wrong with sex, or wanting to appear attractive to the opposite sex, but is it just about that? Really? Is this what the human race has become?

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Is Everyone Worthless?

So this follows on a tad from yesterday’s post ‘The City Lights’ so check that out if you haven’t already. Anyway, have you ever just looked up at the sky, at the stars and the moon, and thought about how small you are? The moon is 384,400 km away from Earth. It’s diameter is 3,476 km, and it is 4.527 billion years old. That is so much bigger, and older, then you or I. Think about this, when you and I are both dead and gone in, what could be one second, or at about a hundred years, the moon will most likely still be there, and it will be for millions of generations to come. The stars you see in the night sky (if they are visible over the city lights) have been dead a long time, and you are seeing the past, technically. So if they are so big, and you are so small, then you are literally worthless in comparison to them, or are you?

The thing is, everything you say, and everything you do effects the world. That may seem like an over statement, but think about this. Imagine there is someone online who is suicidal. They comment on a song that they like about how they love it, and it is so inspirational, if you then go and reply to that comment, criticizing the song, and the music, you may not know it, but you could be pushing that person over the age. Sometimes little things can push someone too far. That person could go on to take there own life minutes later. You wouldn’t know, but you could be responsible for that person taking there life. Now think about how many people you encounter every day. If someone asks you for directions in the street, you could give them wrong directions, or right directions. If you give them wrong directions, even by accident, that person could be late. What if it was for a job interview? That could cost them a job. They could then get depression. They could then kill themselves. Wow, I am really cheerful today. Ok, now something cheerful. If that person approached someone who intentionally gave them wrong directions, they could be late. If you give them right directions, they could be on time for a job interview, they could get that job, they could get promoted, get a great salary, live a happy life, all because you gave them right directions one day. Think about how crazy the small things are.

Quite literally, every word counts. One person could see this post today, and realize how valuable they are. This post could save someones life. I don’t know this do I? Maybe this post makes someone think they could make loads of mistakes and make loads of people miserable. My response is, but you may also make all of them happy. You could go out tomorrow morning and just say hello to somebody in the morning in the street. That could put them in a good mood. They may then talk about this to there friends who may do it themselves. So the cycle of happiness continues. Every little thing you do counts. Everyone makes a difference in this world.

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The City Lights

So today, if I actually publish this post when I originally intended to, is October 8th, and today is a full moon. This is great… woo…  a full moon in a starry sky I can barely see because it is blinded by city lights. When I open my window tonight to look at the beautiful moon all I will be able to hear is the constant rumble of traffic going past my house, drunk guys shouting, and the club over the road playing terrible pop music, or it will be karaoke night, so I will need earplugs.

I have written enough points for you to probably guess what I am going to say. Well you are wrong. In this world… this terrible 21st century world… why must we always forget about the little things? Whilst everyone is worrying about work, school, college, relationships, friendships, or whatever we worry, or get excited about, we always forget that all this stress we have, no other species really experiences these kind of emotions.

When humans first came about, we were primitive, and we only really knew how to eat, sleep, shit, and fuck. That was it. That was all of human life in a nutshelf for ages. Now look how far we have come. Wow. Admittedly, looking at rushing traffic, actually can be nice. Not from my window though, but when I went to the States, I actually liked looking at the traffic. It was relaxing, in a weird way, and so was the noise. Almost hypnotic. However, in our busy little lives which we lead, we forget about the natural beauty. Even today, I enjoy looking up to the sky once a month, and seeing the shining moon, and his glistening star companions looking back down upon me. In these moments, you realize how small you are, and you feel worthless (check out tomorrows post for more about this). Yet these moments come so infrequently. In fact, almost never.

I don’t like going out of my house at night, going atop a hill and gazing up into the nights sky. Those of you who are reading this that don’t know me may think I sound like an old codger but I am not. I am actually quite young. Those of you that do know me may think I am not the kind of guy to go out and sit on a hill staring at the sky, but if I could I would, I just don’t. Why not? Well, crime is like crazy here in Birmingham, UK. Just walk outside at night for about ten minutes and you will see a gang of chavs looking like they want to start a fight. No matter where you go, there are always some. This is what makes me not want to go out. Yeah I am motherfucking scared and I am proud of not wanting to fight.

So to summarize, I wish I could see the sky.

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The Place Technology is Headed

So, the iPhone 6… it bends… you put it in your pocket for a moment, tie a shoelace, or pick something off the ground, and then suddenly your phone is bent… this is Apple came out with this year. Sales? Not very good. I know no-one with an iPhone 6. Why? Because it is shit…

Anyway, whilst technology is  advancing at an alarming rate, I can’t help but wonder… will products become more and more fragile? I mean, my phone currently is a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the Samsung Galaxy Y, and it is a cheap model… well it was still £60, but it is crap (just saying – don’t get it. It closes messages and turns itself off and has terrible RAM) however, I have dropped that phone on the floor countless times. It smashes open, and the battery and everything flies out, but the screen hasn’t cracked, the phone still works as good (as bad) as it did on day one. My friend, however, had an iPhone 4 (i think) and the screen cracked, and bits came off of it when it was dropped once.

If phones are becoming more and more fragile as time goes on, but the prices keep being bumped up, honestly, I think it will have a negative effect. I mean, people will always buy them, because they are fooled by all the marketing ploys, however one day, one man will stand up and say no, then others will follow. If people actually stop buying it, maybe then apple, and other companies will go back to the drawing board and start really advancing there phones, rather then selling the same phone with minor upgrades every year.

I feel this is the same with the new generation of consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are basically the old consoles with slightly upgraded graphics. Look at the PC, it is still far superior to both consoles. People expected a PC-like console when they purchased this new generation. What they got, they were disappointed with. This generation has had terrible sales. Most people (like myself) literally don’t care about them anymore. In fact, I for one, have stopped playing games really. The industry is terrible. Full of scams, and marketing ploys. All run by people trying to get money.

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Women are Degraded Everywhere

They are degraded everywhere. There is no form of media in which they aren’t. TV, Music, Games, Films, Comics, and worst of all, real life. Just take a look around you *queue Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit* women are being objectified everywhere! I mean, I don’t blame schoolkids as much, they are young and horny. When I was that young I spent my school days perving on girls, it’s part of school life… or was that just me? Probably just me.. The thing that shocks me however is when you go out and see 30 year old guys acting perverted, and checking out girls. I have even seen 50 year old guys checking out schoolgirls, and that is just sick (the bad meaning of sick… not the new meaning chavs give it).

I just think it is terrible that in modern society people still don’t have respect. I mean, if you find a woman attractive, you should respect her feelings and diginity. Women aren’t there just for guys (or girls) to check out. They have feelings. Men, they are just like you, except with boobs and a hole instead of a third leg. Think of them like that.

I think, however, that it isn’t just down to the people. It is down to what is seen as normal. For this, the media is, once again, responsible. As I mentioned in ‘Too Skinny, Too Fat, It Doesn’t Matter!!!’ the media promotes the Barbie image in magazines and things, but in TV programmes aimed at men, ‘The Inbetweeners’ being a prime example, degrading women is, in a way, promoted. I do like The Inbetweeners, which may sound weird, but I find it amusing, however I don’t agree with degrading women. Loads of people seem to not realize that what is on screen, shouldn’t really be copied. It is just presenting situations that are amusing.

Anyway, I feel that this world we live in is getting worse. Racism, sexism, and just generally being offensive, is all on the rise, and this is not a world I want to live in, but I have to, and I hope that this post gave you… well it didn’t really do anything other then let you all know that I think the world is shit… so yeah enjoy thinking about my thoughts…  Also, many thanks to The Thinly Veiled Cynic. His post which was inspired by my casual sex post inspired me to right this…. so it is sort of two way inspirational stuff….

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