No More Emos

So a couple of seconds ago I decided to never date an emo again. It goes against everything I stand for. Emo music, like pop, is killing the entire industry. It is pop music with guitars. Remember back when music was serious and half of all music wasn’t taken up by young kids fanboying or girling over people they liked?

Remember when music was good? Sure there are still some good bands in existence  but none in the mainstream. I would say Hozier is the only artist in the chart right now with something today (with the exception of Pink Floyds new album that came out literally yesterday).

The music industry needs to change before it is too late. Metal needs to come back and replace the whole Emo scene. No more stupid annoying little fangirls ruining music and the charts. Record labels more importantly, need to stop advertising bands and music off of there looks. I like Cradle of Filth. I also do like there image, not there looks. I like them because I enjoy there music.

Emos are runing rock. They are ruining the whole image we metalheads have and hold so dear to us. Go back to your pop.

This is just too annoying. We need to make a change. I know there are some emos who like metal and stuff, and genuinely don’t like pop and all that, but don’t go fangirling off of bands looks. Just no. It lets shit bands do well.

The Life Poster

P.S: Sorry if this post seemed harsh, but this is just fucking annoying.


Music is Dying?

I just went to to check out the UK Top 40 Singles. Why did I do it? I did it just to see how terrible the music industry right now is, and how much music has changed.

Back when music was ‘invented’ so to speak, it was made as a rhythm for people to work to, or ways of tribes recognizing each other, or so a group of people new that another group of people was nearby. Then as time progressed, people slowly began to like the beat of the song, and they began to want to listen to it more and more, until, as time progressed, people invented new instruments, and music got more and more complicated.

Years continued to go by, and technology advanced, until people began to record the music that people played, and eventually we reached the ‘digital age’. The world that we live in now, where you can create a song in Logic Pro in about an hour that has a funky beat, synth, and LOADS of bass. Yes, being able to use Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, or whatever software it is that created that piece of music does require talent, yes, but is that really what music is about? Editing waves to create something that people enjoy listening to. Well, if someone enjoys listening to it, then it surely is music? But where is the talent in that really? It is so much easier to create that, then actually PLAYING the drums, keyboard, guitar and bass yourself. That requires, either a person with loads of talent, or an entire band of people.

I look at the Top 10 now and all I see is digital music with bass and synth. Some not even that. Some are just a beat and a guy rapping about women over the top of it. Is that really what people want to hear now? Is that really what the world has come to? Only about 10 years ago music still required talent. People actually played the instruments on the songs that they created. Unfortunately, television programs such as The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent (or whatever countries equivalent to that) have played a big role in RUINING the music industry by showing that all you need is a half-decent voice (and sometimes not even that) and you can make millions.

I myself, do mostly like rock music (and sometimes a bit of other genres). I don’t like it because it is ‘noisy’ or ‘loud’ as people seem to think it is, but it is one of the ONLY genres out there now in which people really play there own instruments, and have talent. I am not saying singers like Lorde, or Lana Del Ray don’t have talent. No they really do, they have such powerful voices, but the music which they sing on is all digital. It was just one person sitting at a computer and programming in a few sounds. That should not be what music is. Music isn’t just about enjoying what you listen to, it is also about appreciating that real time and effort was put into making that song that you are enjoying.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant,

The Life Poster