No More Emos

So a couple of seconds ago I decided to never date an emo again. It goes against everything I stand for. Emo music, like pop, is killing the entire industry. It is pop music with guitars. Remember back when music was serious and half of all music wasn’t taken up by young kids fanboying or girling over people they liked?

Remember when music was good? Sure there are still some good bands in existence  but none in the mainstream. I would say Hozier is the only artist in the chart right now with something today (with the exception of Pink Floyds new album that came out literally yesterday).

The music industry needs to change before it is too late. Metal needs to come back and replace the whole Emo scene. No more stupid annoying little fangirls ruining music and the charts. Record labels more importantly, need to stop advertising bands and music off of there looks. I like Cradle of Filth. I also do like there image, not there looks. I like them because I enjoy there music.

Emos are runing rock. They are ruining the whole image we metalheads have and hold so dear to us. Go back to your pop.

This is just too annoying. We need to make a change. I know there are some emos who like metal and stuff, and genuinely don’t like pop and all that, but don’t go fangirling off of bands looks. Just no. It lets shit bands do well.

The Life Poster

P.S: Sorry if this post seemed harsh, but this is just fucking annoying.


Briefs Vs Boxers

Time for the ultimate showdown. Here it is readers, the moment you have all been waiting for. A talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Briefs and Boxers!

To kick things off we have the advantages of briefs. To start we have my favorite. People can tell if you are big. This is why I like to occasionally pop to the shop in nothing but tight briefs. The looks I get let me know I have a right to be comfortable about my body. They are also easier and quicker to put on, which is an advantage if you are sleeping with a married girl and her husband comes back and you need to put on your underwear quickly and dive out of the window, (again, been there and done that)

They also keep you firmly in place as you are supported well. This just means you have a comfortable feeling scrotum, and of course the shaft tends to stay in a nice position rather then falling to one side or the other. This leads into my next point, that boxers prevent “dangling”. Finally, the legs have elastic, and briefs won’t bunch up when they are worn under trousers (pants if you are american) like boxers do.

Time for the disadvantages of briefs. For starters, people can tell if you are small. As in, have a small penis. This isn’t a problems at all if you have a huge horse cock like I do, but if you do have a small penis, then this is a problem. Another disadvantage is that wearing tight briefs also reduces sperm count. Again, if you are as fertile as me (my extreme fertility has been proven) then this is no problem, but if you are more like a regular human being and you have a standard sperm count, you don’t want to be wearing super tight underwear that looks like a g-string.

Also it is generally not acceptable lying-around-the-house wear, that is, unless you live in a house where loads of guys just walk around the place in briefs. In which case, you might want to look into moving out. Another problem, of course is that when the elastic band deteriorates, the whole brief looks tacky, because of course. When wearing briefs, you want to look stylish! You can’t just be walking around with a shabby elastic band! That isn’t at all acceptable now! The elastic on briefs can also sometimes dig into you, which isn’t nice at all. Now finally, it can become out of shape and “bag” in all the wrong places (I know this from personal experience).

Now, time for the competitor. Everyone’s favorite, boxers! To begin, they comfort the thighs more. This is great if you don’t want the elastic digging into you, like briefs occasionally do. Boxers also hide you more, which works as an advantage and disadvantage because if you have a small shrivelled penis (unlike me) then you want to be hidden, but if you have a monster cock (like me) then you want to be showing everything you have to offer to all the lovely ladies you walk past in the street.

Also, the front fly is much easier to use, which is good for easy toilet access if you are about to piss yourself so you want to rush into the bathroom and quickly take it out and let it rip. Another good thing about boxers is that your crotch temperature stays cooler. No more sweaty bollocks! Women also tend to prefer boxers on their man when he’s a little out of shape (unlike me and my 6 pack). This is also considered socially acceptable lounge wear. So, if you share a house with your mates, you can all sit in the living room watching Fast & Furious and feel completely okay with your sexuality.

Time for the disadvantages of boxers. We have all had that moment when you are undressing in front of your girlfriend, getting ready for the ultimate moment of penetration, and your cock will just pop out of your boxers, because the buttons unfortunately managed to work there way open over the course of your day, then you both start laughing and you lose your erection, then your girlfriend goes out of the mood, and you are left with no sexual satisfaction. Sad times. Anyway, another big issue with boxers is that they serve no real purpose as underwear, they just function merely to cover your genitals up when undressed.

Another terrible thing about boxers is that since boxers are so loose, they offer almost no support so your gear just goes wherever, and we men like stable genitals, with not as much movement. Now the main one, I think is that when you get ‘excited’ when wearing boxers, it shows a lot more because, again of how loose they are. This can also cause them to ride up above the waist and can also bunch up. Finally, the thick waistband can cause irritation, and you don’t want to take them off in front of a girl and you have a huge erection accompanied by a thick red ring around your waist. It is just off-putting.

So, what do you prefer? Briefs or boxers? Or do you have your own hybrid underwear? Do you just wear a sock on your cock? Tell me in the comments! Also if you have your own advantages and disadvantages let me know!

Thanks for reading!

The Life Poster