Why I Will Never Kill Myself

So people out there in the world have loads of things going on in there lives all of the time. You never know what someone is thinking, or what is going on behind the curtains. They may hold a strong public image, but in the background they are having serious issues merely staying alive.

Today we are going to discuss the different perspectives people seem to have of suicide, why people are pushed to this, and why I personally, will never kill myself.

First of all, people are pushed to the edge every day. As an example, an ex of mine had loads of stuff happen to her. We are talking rape, abuse, she was made homeless. All of this was going on, and some of it while I was with her as well. Now she wanted to kill herself. In all fairness it is understandable. However, she didn’t. I am genuinely surprised that she didn’t, but she didn’t, nonetheless. She was strong, and yet unfortunately everything she had got through had scarred her both physically and emotionally, and therefore, this was one of the reasons we didn’t work out in the end.

She got through all of that, and is still around today to tell the tale. How come she hasn’t killed herself, and yet people who have been through less have?

Well it comes down to loneliness, personal strength, and experience. Yes I said the word experience. This may sound weird, but hear me out. First of all, if you have friends, you can come through almost anything. Now I have no friends almost still to this day, and I have come out of everything I have been through, but that leads onto the second point. Personal strength. I am not going to lie, emotionally I am strong. Very strong. I haven’t been psychologically affected by what I have been through really. The only way it has had an impact on me is that I don’t trust people. Like, anyone. Ever. I just don’t trust anyone. That is probably the only thing that has happened as a result of my life. Some people are weaker then others. If you let things get to you easily, then they will affect you more, and you will let these problems take over your life, and you fear they will stay for the rest of your life. The final factor is experience. You need experience with life’s issues. You need to learn to always expect the worst in every situation. This is what I do. You also need to understand that things will get better. I know this from experience. Everyones life has good moments. If you are on a downer you need to always realize that a) there is someone out there who has it worse then you, and b) the future will get better. No matter what. I know this. I know that in the future, I will find myself a wife, we will have children, and I will be on a well paid job. Of course, I have no way of knowing this for certain, but I have hope. I also know that I won’t settle for anything else, and the sheer determination I hold inside me is enough of a drive to get me to my goal.

Of course, some people can’t see these things. I know because I have been in a situation of pure sadness, and you feel like the world will never change. However when your head clears, you start to see things clearly again. After I broke up with my fiancée  I felt terrible. I felt like my life had no meaning. Then time passes. You realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. You pick yourself, dust yourself off and move on. Why? Because the entire world isn’t a bad place. There is someone out there for you. You will  have better days. You will become happy again.

Now to go the second part of this article. Peoples opinions.

People have varying opinions on the subject of suicide. They both make sense in some lights. A lot of people think that suicide is selfish, and people shouldn’t take there lives when it will wreck other peoples as well. I understand this, and I can see where they are coming from. If someone is distraught, and feels terrible, and wants to take there life, of course they should think about everyone else, and what will happen to others if they take there own life, however, if someone is so unhappy in there life that they have that thought and are pushed to this point then is it really fair to expect them to stay alive just for other people?

Then there is my opinion, and most other peoples. If someone is having a terrible life, and they see no possible increase in happiness in even the distant future, I feel they have a right to end there own life. It is there’s to do with as they please. It is terrible if someone wants to do this of course, but if they are pushed to it, then it is there own choice.

On the other hand… let me talk for a moment about teen suicides. What utter bullshit! Now, there are legitimate cases out there of teens who really do have terrible lives. They really have had terrible things happen to them. Ok, I can understand them wanting to end there own lives. If, however, there is a 14 year old girl who is being bullied, and her parents don’t seem to care or whatever. First of all, talk to someone. Secondly, call the NSPCC if they really don’t care or if it is upsetting. Thirdly, wait it out. I was bullied. I got through it. I am still here. I haven’t even come close to my breaking point. Those kind of teen suicides I think are stupid. That isn’t enough of a reason. You haven’t even lived through the really difficult stuff in life. The stuff that really pushes you to the limits of what you can take. Of course, if you are going through more, then this is a real reason for you to want to kill yourself. If you are being abused, raped, or anything else, it is understandable. However if you are just being bullied a bit? No, this isn’t enough.

So I will never ever kill myself. I have hope for the future. I know my life will bring good things to me in time. No I don’t have faith, I don’t believe in a God. I don’t believe something will come and save me. I need to work for my happiness. All the stress I have been through and come out of is just life’s way of testing me. I will reap the rewards one day. Life can be a bitch, but you fight through it.

Everyone out there, stay strong, and have a good, positive day. Like, comment, follow, and do whatever else if you enjoyed this article.

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Briefs Vs Boxers

Time for the ultimate showdown. Here it is readers, the moment you have all been waiting for. A talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Briefs and Boxers!

To kick things off we have the advantages of briefs. To start we have my favorite. People can tell if you are big. This is why I like to occasionally pop to the shop in nothing but tight briefs. The looks I get let me know I have a right to be comfortable about my body. They are also easier and quicker to put on, which is an advantage if you are sleeping with a married girl and her husband comes back and you need to put on your underwear quickly and dive out of the window, (again, been there and done that)

They also keep you firmly in place as you are supported well. This just means you have a comfortable feeling scrotum, and of course the shaft tends to stay in a nice position rather then falling to one side or the other. This leads into my next point, that boxers prevent “dangling”. Finally, the legs have elastic, and briefs won’t bunch up when they are worn under trousers (pants if you are american) like boxers do.

Time for the disadvantages of briefs. For starters, people can tell if you are small. As in, have a small penis. This isn’t a problems at all if you have a huge horse cock like I do, but if you do have a small penis, then this is a problem. Another disadvantage is that wearing tight briefs also reduces sperm count. Again, if you are as fertile as me (my extreme fertility has been proven) then this is no problem, but if you are more like a regular human being and you have a standard sperm count, you don’t want to be wearing super tight underwear that looks like a g-string.

Also it is generally not acceptable lying-around-the-house wear, that is, unless you live in a house where loads of guys just walk around the place in briefs. In which case, you might want to look into moving out. Another problem, of course is that when the elastic band deteriorates, the whole brief looks tacky, because of course. When wearing briefs, you want to look stylish! You can’t just be walking around with a shabby elastic band! That isn’t at all acceptable now! The elastic on briefs can also sometimes dig into you, which isn’t nice at all. Now finally, it can become out of shape and “bag” in all the wrong places (I know this from personal experience).

Now, time for the competitor. Everyone’s favorite, boxers! To begin, they comfort the thighs more. This is great if you don’t want the elastic digging into you, like briefs occasionally do. Boxers also hide you more, which works as an advantage and disadvantage because if you have a small shrivelled penis (unlike me) then you want to be hidden, but if you have a monster cock (like me) then you want to be showing everything you have to offer to all the lovely ladies you walk past in the street.

Also, the front fly is much easier to use, which is good for easy toilet access if you are about to piss yourself so you want to rush into the bathroom and quickly take it out and let it rip. Another good thing about boxers is that your crotch temperature stays cooler. No more sweaty bollocks! Women also tend to prefer boxers on their man when he’s a little out of shape (unlike me and my 6 pack). This is also considered socially acceptable lounge wear. So, if you share a house with your mates, you can all sit in the living room watching Fast & Furious and feel completely okay with your sexuality.

Time for the disadvantages of boxers. We have all had that moment when you are undressing in front of your girlfriend, getting ready for the ultimate moment of penetration, and your cock will just pop out of your boxers, because the buttons unfortunately managed to work there way open over the course of your day, then you both start laughing and you lose your erection, then your girlfriend goes out of the mood, and you are left with no sexual satisfaction. Sad times. Anyway, another big issue with boxers is that they serve no real purpose as underwear, they just function merely to cover your genitals up when undressed.

Another terrible thing about boxers is that since boxers are so loose, they offer almost no support so your gear just goes wherever, and we men like stable genitals, with not as much movement. Now the main one, I think is that when you get ‘excited’ when wearing boxers, it shows a lot more because, again of how loose they are. This can also cause them to ride up above the waist and can also bunch up. Finally, the thick waistband can cause irritation, and you don’t want to take them off in front of a girl and you have a huge erection accompanied by a thick red ring around your waist. It is just off-putting.

So, what do you prefer? Briefs or boxers? Or do you have your own hybrid underwear? Do you just wear a sock on your cock? Tell me in the comments! Also if you have your own advantages and disadvantages let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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Lonely Soldier (Personal Tales #1)

Anyone else heard that great song? It’s originally by Damien Rice, and it is such a powerful and emotional folk song. I love it so much. Anyway, this really is a personal post for me. The alliteration there makes it sound more humorous then personal though. I have a feeling that this post isn’t going to get so many views because it is personal, but I always seem to be surprised.

So throughout my life, I have been constantly haunted by depression. I don’t have as many problems in my life as loads of people, but I still do have a few. Since I was young I have always battled everything on my own. I was bullied as a child, right through to when I left secondary school at 15. That was always a big deal. Being bullied doesn’t just affect your personally though. Back then I had a couple of people I used to ‘hang around’ with. They weren’t friends really, but the thing is, being bullied pushes them away. They see you are vulnerable, in there minds they realize you aren’t strong, so they distance themselves from you. It may not even be intentional, but I know one thing. I don’t talk to them anymore.

From when I was born I have never really had friends. I have kept my distance from people. Usually intentionally, sometimes (like now) unintentionally. I have always kept myself to myself, and I prefer my own company to other peoples. I can trust myself. I don’t have to worry about other people judging me when I am on my own.

Over the last year I have been put under a great deal of stress. I am not going to go into everything that has happened but it is a lot. I feel like I have only experienced a tenth of the stress I will have to go through in my life though, and I am usually eerily on target when it comes to my predictions. The last year has been absolutely insane, and somehow, I have got through everything all by myself. I have been with my girlfriend for most of it, but I have coped with the stress all myself. I am proud of getting through it. Most people talk to someone else, and get through it with other peoples help. Me? No.

To those of you who follow my posts, I said before that Emos are like Chavs. I was probably a bit harsh in that post, but I hold a grudge against Emos. A few emos have gone through a lot in there lives, I know that, I have met some. Those people, I have sympathy for, but most, have serious issues because of what they have been through. Even they, have had people standing by them through everything, or even just portions of it. Me? I have had no friends throughout my entire life. In my final year at school I clung onto one person in an attempt at getting a friend but he turned his back on me, and I am glad about that. I don’t need two-faced people in my life. I have had no friends, ever. I call myself the lonely solider. Why? I am lonely. Very lonely. I am also a soldier, battling through everything, and to this day I keep going.

Anyway, this is the most personal I am ever going to get, and I haven’t even revealed much of what has gone on. Just so you know, almost nothing has happened in my life in comparison to other peoples. I am just different to most because I have no one, and yet I am still sane, which worries me. Maybe I am saving all the anxiety for one huge outburst, and then I will be sent to an asylum.

Thanks all for reading, follow for future posts that will be nothing at all like this because I am never really going to get personal again. Oh, and like this if you enjoyed it!

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Lonely Soldier – Damien Rice

Positives and Negatives of Technology, and Views on Modern Society

So I DID miss a day of blogging, and for that I am sorry, but I have been ridiculously busy with my real life. I am studying a sound engineer course at Access to Music and MY GOD does it take the energy out of me. However, it is only 3 days a week so I will be able to get some more blogging in now. Today I am going to discuss the positives and negatives of modern technology.

In the 1970’s life was very different. The world would be almost unrecognizable to the modern society. There were no phones, no high tech 4K televisions in 3D. Nothing like that. Music was completely different. There were no songs about partying, fighting and fucking. So yeah, all of the chav’s wouldn’t recognize this world. One where to listen to an album you had to go out and get a record, and you would listen to it over and over again. You wouldn’t just go on iTunes and download the songs you want to hear and after a few months, when the next popular song is out forget about the previous one.

To some people, the golden age of technology is the best thing since sliced bread. The ease of searching for what you want, ordering things just by moving your finger, and talking to people again, by moving your finger, all of this is amazing to some people, and yeah, it is useful. So in some aspects this is good. However the same people think that spending your life on a chair playing Call of Duty is good… and watching Eastenders… and chatting to people on the phone… and watching YouTube videos… and then going out to a 9 til 5 job on the minimum pay (that is if they are not on benefits). The life I just described is what so many people actually ASPIRE to nowadays. If this is what the majority of people who have been brought up in this world ruled by technology want, then is technology REALLY a good thing?

Oh, and to those of you thinking I am pointing my finger to something that doesn’t deserve the blame, YES this IS all because of technology. You can live an entire life on a computer if you want to. This is something that I myself have thought about for a long time. You could literally wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, eat breakfast, then go back into your bed, open your laptop, and let the day begin! You can listen to music on YouTube, watching some more viral videos for a few hours, then have lunch, then process to watch The Big Bang Theory, followed by some Friends re-runs. Then watch Scrubs, of Glee, or Eastenders or whatever is popular now. After this, make dinner (which is probably a microwaveable dinner bought from Tescos). Then go back to the internet. Maybe watch some more YouTube videos whilst chatting to people on Facebook. The most moving you could ever have to do is if the government find out you aren’t a job seeker and take away your benefits, FORCING you to get a job stacking shelves. The thing that shocks the most however, is that people want to live this way. They don’t seem tor really have dreams. The biggest aspiration I have seen someone who views life in this way have is to become a DJ at a nightclub.

Now, I have gone off my original topic a little bit. Technology causes so much harm, that I still think more harm is caused then good. I would be content not using technology for anything other then to message my friends occasionally, but even then, if I went back 10 or 15 years I would still be content with the technology then. I could just call my girlfriend, or my friend and tell them when and where I will meet them, or just have a 10 minute chat, rather then saying things over Facebook Messenger. In about 20 more years we may never actually see another human face. I really wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe everyone will be uploaded to the internet and we will all live our lives in cyberspace. Forever being subjected to talk to other people via Facebook. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook was uploaded to everyone’s brains, and every new child born had to have a chip put into there brains to install Facebook into them.

Technology can sometimes be a wonderful thing, and indeed it has helped us in countless ways, and I would suffer a lot without technology in my life, but only because of work and mainly because I have become accustomed to watching films and TV programs every night, and talking to people on Facebook. I would feel weird, almost incomplete without all of this in my life, but NONE of it is really necessary. What would I do without all of this? Well I would do exactly what I did before I had all of this technology. I might actually pick up a deck of cards, or play a board game. This age of computers and Ultra HD TV’s is not the ideal world. Soon, actually talking to your friend face-to-face will be a novelty, and you will be called weird if you have an MP3 player, or if you don’t have the latest Google update installed into your brain. This isn’t what I want. This isn’t what should happen. The world is better then this. We were born to socialize, not touch a piece of metal to say to someone we love them, or to tell a loved one that a family member died. So yes, technology causes much more harm then good.

Thanks for reading this long winded explanation,

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Music is Dying?

I just went to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/singles to check out the UK Top 40 Singles. Why did I do it? I did it just to see how terrible the music industry right now is, and how much music has changed.

Back when music was ‘invented’ so to speak, it was made as a rhythm for people to work to, or ways of tribes recognizing each other, or so a group of people new that another group of people was nearby. Then as time progressed, people slowly began to like the beat of the song, and they began to want to listen to it more and more, until, as time progressed, people invented new instruments, and music got more and more complicated.

Years continued to go by, and technology advanced, until people began to record the music that people played, and eventually we reached the ‘digital age’. The world that we live in now, where you can create a song in Logic Pro in about an hour that has a funky beat, synth, and LOADS of bass. Yes, being able to use Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, or whatever software it is that created that piece of music does require talent, yes, but is that really what music is about? Editing waves to create something that people enjoy listening to. Well, if someone enjoys listening to it, then it surely is music? But where is the talent in that really? It is so much easier to create that, then actually PLAYING the drums, keyboard, guitar and bass yourself. That requires, either a person with loads of talent, or an entire band of people.

I look at the Top 10 now and all I see is digital music with bass and synth. Some not even that. Some are just a beat and a guy rapping about women over the top of it. Is that really what people want to hear now? Is that really what the world has come to? Only about 10 years ago music still required talent. People actually played the instruments on the songs that they created. Unfortunately, television programs such as The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent (or whatever countries equivalent to that) have played a big role in RUINING the music industry by showing that all you need is a half-decent voice (and sometimes not even that) and you can make millions.

I myself, do mostly like rock music (and sometimes a bit of other genres). I don’t like it because it is ‘noisy’ or ‘loud’ as people seem to think it is, but it is one of the ONLY genres out there now in which people really play there own instruments, and have talent. I am not saying singers like Lorde, or Lana Del Ray don’t have talent. No they really do, they have such powerful voices, but the music which they sing on is all digital. It was just one person sitting at a computer and programming in a few sounds. That should not be what music is. Music isn’t just about enjoying what you listen to, it is also about appreciating that real time and effort was put into making that song that you are enjoying.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant,

The Life Poster