Books or Ebooks?

So this is my first proper post in 6 months. I admitted it. I have abandoned you guys. I am sorry, I have been really busy. ANYWAY, I am here now, and I am back with a vengeance, because I am pissed off that everyone is buying EBOOKS nowadays. I am currently publishing my novel ‘In the Crosshairs’ in installments on wattpad, and will be releasing it as an Ebook and (hopefully) a physical copy afterwards. I am annoyed about this, because I have always disliked the idea of Ebooks. A book is supposed to be a physical item in my opinion. It always has been, and therefore it always should be, but for some reason even people that love reading are now investing in Kindles because they just prefer the idea. I honestly don’t understand it.

I am here talking to you now via the internet, my fingers are touching keys on a keyboard, and now, you are reading them, all digitally. I don’t even like this idea really, I would much rather hand write it and post it to all of you, and I would if I could, because I don’t like how disposable¬†something is virtually. Right now you are most likely searching through a bunch of posts, looking at something that interests you, clicking on it, seeing if you find the article mildly interesting, if you do, you keep reading, and PERHAPS follow that persons content. If you don’t, without even finishing the article, most likely, or checking out any of that persons other stuff, you click back, and never again will you see that persons content, and never again will you hear what that person has to say. Anything DIGITAL is DISPOSABLE. It is the same with an Ebook. You can download it illegally if you want, read a few pages, if you don’t like it, you click delete. Even if you pay for it the same thing could happen, and usually does, but you feel slightly more inclined to read more of it because you paid for it.

At the end of the day, holding a physical item not only reminds you of the author, and is, in a way, constant promotion for the other, but also is better for your eyes, and also simply LOOKS better. I have never seen the appeal of digital products, and never will.

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