Marijuana is Good

So I am not a druggy. I never will be.  Ever. So let’s just clear that up before the beginning of this article. I do, know people who have taken drugs, and do quite frequently. I do, yes, hang out with them occasionally. Still, however, I do not take them, and have no intentions to, ever. Not a puff, not a blow-back, nothing.

I have, however, occasionally had a cigarette. It would have been better for me to have had an entire spliff then that one cigarette. Really, it would have. This is what shocks me. The benefits of smoking marijuana out number the benefits of smoking tobacco almost ten-fold. So my question to all of you is, why is marijuana illegal, and tobacco is legal?

Marijuana can relax you, actually reduces the risk of cancer, and isn’t addictive. Tobacco on the other hand, makes you reak, increases your risk of cancer, and is highly addictive. I think this world is a bit messed up.

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Video Games. Good or Bad?

So everyone knows about Call of Duty. That game where you go and kill people and shoot up everything.  The youngsters thing it is cool whilst the elders think it encourages violence. I think however that in reality every normal person realises that really video games are in fact bad. You sit on your ass and twiddle your thumbs for hours, well how can that be good?

To begin, there are positives of gaming. First, there is the obvious advancement in your social life if you game online with friends. This of course, isn’t as good as actually going out and talking to people, but it is a step in the right direction. Then, there is the boost in hand-eye coordination. Whilst only a small benefit, it is still there, and it is still something.

In my opinion the number one reason people are so attracted to video games is because they are escapism. They are sort of like movies except they also pull the gamer into there world by making you feel like you have to work to advance the storyline. You feel like you have great control over he story, especially games with different endings and choices, like the Mass Effect series. You feel like this, even though in fact you are stuck to preprogrammed sequences.

The final positive of video games is that sometimes, and I need to express the sometimes, they can provide help, and even training for real life situations. This is usually in the form of simulators. The Sims is actually a perfect example of showing how determination and effort can help you in careers, life, and it also teaches youngsters that saving money can help you. Something that a lot of couch potatoes need to get into there skulls.

Here come the negatives. Firstly, it can cause deep vein thrombosis. Yeah I started with something more scary then anything. If you stay still for too long and don’t exercise your muscles in can cause, sort of blood clots in your veins and arteries, and it is detrimental towards your blood flow, which can cause life threatening issues.

Also of course, gaming has no long-lasting positive outcome in your life. Sure it feels great working towards that 50G achievement on Xbox, but that is only short time happiness. Will that really help you in your life? Then there is the fact that sitting around doing nothing is just plain lazy.

Finally, you feel bad about yourself. Not just because you know you could be doing better things, but also because staying still with have detrimental effects on your weight, muscle tone, and growth, if you don’t keep fit alongside this. This is why you should do what I do. Don’t play much video games, but when you do, make sure you still spend time keeping fit, healthy, and maintaining an active, real, social life. Not just a virtual one through social media.

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Messaging Strangers

Have you ever messaged a stranger on Facebook? Twitter? Kik? Whatever it is people use to communicate with each other nowadays?

Well I have. Yes, call me weird, whatever, but I do it as a sort of social study. Just to see how people react to¬†receiving¬†a greeting from a stranger. Most of the time they respond with ‘hi’ as well, but never talk much after that. Omegle, Chatroulette and all that is very different, because when you are on the there, the soul purpose of that site is to talk to other strangers.

However it is shocking the kind of disrespect you get from messaging random people. I have only gained one ‘acquaintance’ from doing that. Her name is *censored for personal privacy* and she is an alright gal (I added in the censor stuff… as a joke… get it? No? Damn…) However I find that almost every time you are seen as ‘creepy’ or ‘awkward’ or some other negative word.

I am probably one of the few people who actually likes to go out and do this, but I find it fun. You are throwing yourself into someones life at a random unexpected place. The responses you get are funny. Some people say ‘I don’t know you seriously fuck off’. Others say ‘Hey’ then never reply again. A minute amount actually stay around for a full on proper conversation. For those of you that do, I applaud you for having human decency. I always do. Why be mean to someone? What if that person just wants company? They could be on a down night. There is no difference to that and a guy walking up to a girl in a bar.

Anyway, overall the statistics that I have collected say that 75% of women will tell a guy to fuck off, or blank him after a few messages, and that 100% of guys will do this if another guy messages them. What does that say? Girls are nicer and more open to communication with strangers then guys? I don’t know. It seems like people AUTOMATICALLY assume that you are coming onto them if you randomly message them on Facebook!

I am very grateful to the two wonderful ladies I met doing this over the last few days. I have sold them Escape the Fate tickets as well! Good times. Anyway people, just be mature and talk to each other. We are all human. Why not sit and have a chat with a stranger?

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