Mirror Mirror (Poem)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
‘At the next chance, kill them all’
I vent my anger, I light the fire
I feel the pleasure as I get higher

I grab the bomb, I run forward
His life will end for good
My hate for the city, my hate for the past
This day on earth will be my last
Politics, politicians you’re angry with
Innocent lives you take, anger you give
Nothing will stop this rage inside you
End all this so the horror is through

This path you have walked down somewhere led you astray
Never again will you see the light of day
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Let the fires die down and let me stop this all


Perfect Life (Poem)

Blue seeps though this blackness
Yet no birds lurk among the leaves
I can’t sleep through this loneliness
Someones loving presence is all I need

Take a moment to look around
There are no leaves on the trees
In this cold there is no sound
Yet a perfect world everyone sees

No one can see through my skin
They can’t see this hurt buried deep inside
Unknown is this life full of sin
And the demons haunting my tainted mind

As the sky returns to black
I know this time I won’t be set free
Soon, it will come before I crack
A new life, then, I shall see