No More Emos

So a couple of seconds ago I decided to never date an emo again. It goes against everything I stand for. Emo music, like pop, is killing the entire industry. It is pop music with guitars. Remember back when music was serious and half of all music wasn’t taken up by young kids fanboying or girling over people they liked?

Remember when music was good? Sure there are still some good bands in existence  but none in the mainstream. I would say Hozier is the only artist in the chart right now with something today (with the exception of Pink Floyds new album that came out literally yesterday).

The music industry needs to change before it is too late. Metal needs to come back and replace the whole Emo scene. No more stupid annoying little fangirls ruining music and the charts. Record labels more importantly, need to stop advertising bands and music off of there looks. I like Cradle of Filth. I also do like there image, not there looks. I like them because I enjoy there music.

Emos are runing rock. They are ruining the whole image we metalheads have and hold so dear to us. Go back to your pop.

This is just too annoying. We need to make a change. I know there are some emos who like metal and stuff, and genuinely don’t like pop and all that, but don’t go fangirling off of bands looks. Just no. It lets shit bands do well.

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P.S: Sorry if this post seemed harsh, but this is just fucking annoying.


Women Shouldn’t Have To Wear Makeup

So I am sort of a feminist. I mean, I have never thought about it until over the last few days, but I believe in equal rights, I believe in equal pay, equal opportunities, so how am I not a feminist? I also know I gained a good few of my followers from my previous posts about women, and how they are degraded in everyday life, so I thought I would continue the trend with todays post about why women should not have to wear makeup.

Women are forced to wear makeup in todays society. It is literally compulsory. If you don’t you are seen as ugly by most other women and men. It is just how the world works. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. Society has engrained this idea of the ‘perfect’ women with her hourglass figure, highlighted features, and perfect skin. This isn’t the perfect women. Why? Because there is no perfect woman. In fact, what is seen by society to be the perfect woman is perhaps as far from perfect as you can get.

Let’s think. To achieve and maintain this ‘perfect’ image you need to starve yourself most of the time, or binge eat. You need to draw around or on your face with a pen for no real good reason, you need to add color to your skin, again for no reason, and finally you need to burn your hair into a style seen as attractive using straighteners or curlers.

What on earth made people think that is attractive? Whoever invented makeup is stupid. When I went on my first date with my current girlfriend I actually said to her ‘don’t wear makeup because I want to see your natural beauty’. Of course, she refused, but she refused because she doesn’t want the judgemental eyes of society thinking she is unattractive when in actual fact, if you have the guts to go out of your house with no makeup on, that means you have confidence in your natural beauty, and you don’t need to go out in a mask of makeup.

So ladies, why not go out with no makeup on, and show people yourself? And men, why not appreciate your girlfriends real looks, instead of her fake looks? If you tell a girl she is beautiful with no makeup on, I think that is one of thr biggest compliments you can give a girl.

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Why I Will Never Kill Myself

So people out there in the world have loads of things going on in there lives all of the time. You never know what someone is thinking, or what is going on behind the curtains. They may hold a strong public image, but in the background they are having serious issues merely staying alive.

Today we are going to discuss the different perspectives people seem to have of suicide, why people are pushed to this, and why I personally, will never kill myself.

First of all, people are pushed to the edge every day. As an example, an ex of mine had loads of stuff happen to her. We are talking rape, abuse, she was made homeless. All of this was going on, and some of it while I was with her as well. Now she wanted to kill herself. In all fairness it is understandable. However, she didn’t. I am genuinely surprised that she didn’t, but she didn’t, nonetheless. She was strong, and yet unfortunately everything she had got through had scarred her both physically and emotionally, and therefore, this was one of the reasons we didn’t work out in the end.

She got through all of that, and is still around today to tell the tale. How come she hasn’t killed herself, and yet people who have been through less have?

Well it comes down to loneliness, personal strength, and experience. Yes I said the word experience. This may sound weird, but hear me out. First of all, if you have friends, you can come through almost anything. Now I have no friends almost still to this day, and I have come out of everything I have been through, but that leads onto the second point. Personal strength. I am not going to lie, emotionally I am strong. Very strong. I haven’t been psychologically affected by what I have been through really. The only way it has had an impact on me is that I don’t trust people. Like, anyone. Ever. I just don’t trust anyone. That is probably the only thing that has happened as a result of my life. Some people are weaker then others. If you let things get to you easily, then they will affect you more, and you will let these problems take over your life, and you fear they will stay for the rest of your life. The final factor is experience. You need experience with life’s issues. You need to learn to always expect the worst in every situation. This is what I do. You also need to understand that things will get better. I know this from experience. Everyones life has good moments. If you are on a downer you need to always realize that a) there is someone out there who has it worse then you, and b) the future will get better. No matter what. I know this. I know that in the future, I will find myself a wife, we will have children, and I will be on a well paid job. Of course, I have no way of knowing this for certain, but I have hope. I also know that I won’t settle for anything else, and the sheer determination I hold inside me is enough of a drive to get me to my goal.

Of course, some people can’t see these things. I know because I have been in a situation of pure sadness, and you feel like the world will never change. However when your head clears, you start to see things clearly again. After I broke up with my fiancée  I felt terrible. I felt like my life had no meaning. Then time passes. You realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. You pick yourself, dust yourself off and move on. Why? Because the entire world isn’t a bad place. There is someone out there for you. You will  have better days. You will become happy again.

Now to go the second part of this article. Peoples opinions.

People have varying opinions on the subject of suicide. They both make sense in some lights. A lot of people think that suicide is selfish, and people shouldn’t take there lives when it will wreck other peoples as well. I understand this, and I can see where they are coming from. If someone is distraught, and feels terrible, and wants to take there life, of course they should think about everyone else, and what will happen to others if they take there own life, however, if someone is so unhappy in there life that they have that thought and are pushed to this point then is it really fair to expect them to stay alive just for other people?

Then there is my opinion, and most other peoples. If someone is having a terrible life, and they see no possible increase in happiness in even the distant future, I feel they have a right to end there own life. It is there’s to do with as they please. It is terrible if someone wants to do this of course, but if they are pushed to it, then it is there own choice.

On the other hand… let me talk for a moment about teen suicides. What utter bullshit! Now, there are legitimate cases out there of teens who really do have terrible lives. They really have had terrible things happen to them. Ok, I can understand them wanting to end there own lives. If, however, there is a 14 year old girl who is being bullied, and her parents don’t seem to care or whatever. First of all, talk to someone. Secondly, call the NSPCC if they really don’t care or if it is upsetting. Thirdly, wait it out. I was bullied. I got through it. I am still here. I haven’t even come close to my breaking point. Those kind of teen suicides I think are stupid. That isn’t enough of a reason. You haven’t even lived through the really difficult stuff in life. The stuff that really pushes you to the limits of what you can take. Of course, if you are going through more, then this is a real reason for you to want to kill yourself. If you are being abused, raped, or anything else, it is understandable. However if you are just being bullied a bit? No, this isn’t enough.

So I will never ever kill myself. I have hope for the future. I know my life will bring good things to me in time. No I don’t have faith, I don’t believe in a God. I don’t believe something will come and save me. I need to work for my happiness. All the stress I have been through and come out of is just life’s way of testing me. I will reap the rewards one day. Life can be a bitch, but you fight through it.

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What Chatroulette Says About Us

Anyone here been on Chatroulette? Or Omegle? Or something like it? Well you know then that the amount of serial masturbators on these things is ridiculous. So many horny old men wanting to get themselves off over anything that is willing to show tits. It is sick, and depraved.

Now this isn’t just men. There are so many horny girls on these things as well. People who will take there top off for strangers. Why? Because they like being desirable to men, sure, that is normal, but it doesn’;t just come down to that. They are sluts, that is what it is. Not all women are like this no, just like not all men are serial masturbators, however it says a lot about society when about every 1 in 5 people you see on Chatrouletter are men with there dicks out getting off, and about 1 in 50 girls are horny, just showing off there tits. So seriously now, what does this say about society?

Do women need to show breasts to be desriable? No!

Do men need to have huge cocks to be desriable? No!

So why has society made us think this? Once again, it is the media, it is stereotypes, all of this brainwashes us into believing these things! We need to stop this! We need to start acting like caring people who aren’t just attracted to peoples exteriors.

There is nothing wrong with sex, or wanting to appear attractive to the opposite sex, but is it just about that? Really? Is this what the human race has become?

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Is Everyone Worthless?

So this follows on a tad from yesterday’s post ‘The City Lights’ so check that out if you haven’t already. Anyway, have you ever just looked up at the sky, at the stars and the moon, and thought about how small you are? The moon is 384,400 km away from Earth. It’s diameter is 3,476 km, and it is 4.527 billion years old. That is so much bigger, and older, then you or I. Think about this, when you and I are both dead and gone in, what could be one second, or at about a hundred years, the moon will most likely still be there, and it will be for millions of generations to come. The stars you see in the night sky (if they are visible over the city lights) have been dead a long time, and you are seeing the past, technically. So if they are so big, and you are so small, then you are literally worthless in comparison to them, or are you?

The thing is, everything you say, and everything you do effects the world. That may seem like an over statement, but think about this. Imagine there is someone online who is suicidal. They comment on a song that they like about how they love it, and it is so inspirational, if you then go and reply to that comment, criticizing the song, and the music, you may not know it, but you could be pushing that person over the age. Sometimes little things can push someone too far. That person could go on to take there own life minutes later. You wouldn’t know, but you could be responsible for that person taking there life. Now think about how many people you encounter every day. If someone asks you for directions in the street, you could give them wrong directions, or right directions. If you give them wrong directions, even by accident, that person could be late. What if it was for a job interview? That could cost them a job. They could then get depression. They could then kill themselves. Wow, I am really cheerful today. Ok, now something cheerful. If that person approached someone who intentionally gave them wrong directions, they could be late. If you give them right directions, they could be on time for a job interview, they could get that job, they could get promoted, get a great salary, live a happy life, all because you gave them right directions one day. Think about how crazy the small things are.

Quite literally, every word counts. One person could see this post today, and realize how valuable they are. This post could save someones life. I don’t know this do I? Maybe this post makes someone think they could make loads of mistakes and make loads of people miserable. My response is, but you may also make all of them happy. You could go out tomorrow morning and just say hello to somebody in the morning in the street. That could put them in a good mood. They may then talk about this to there friends who may do it themselves. So the cycle of happiness continues. Every little thing you do counts. Everyone makes a difference in this world.

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The City Lights

So today, if I actually publish this post when I originally intended to, is October 8th, and today is a full moon. This is great… woo…  a full moon in a starry sky I can barely see because it is blinded by city lights. When I open my window tonight to look at the beautiful moon all I will be able to hear is the constant rumble of traffic going past my house, drunk guys shouting, and the club over the road playing terrible pop music, or it will be karaoke night, so I will need earplugs.

I have written enough points for you to probably guess what I am going to say. Well you are wrong. In this world… this terrible 21st century world… why must we always forget about the little things? Whilst everyone is worrying about work, school, college, relationships, friendships, or whatever we worry, or get excited about, we always forget that all this stress we have, no other species really experiences these kind of emotions.

When humans first came about, we were primitive, and we only really knew how to eat, sleep, shit, and fuck. That was it. That was all of human life in a nutshelf for ages. Now look how far we have come. Wow. Admittedly, looking at rushing traffic, actually can be nice. Not from my window though, but when I went to the States, I actually liked looking at the traffic. It was relaxing, in a weird way, and so was the noise. Almost hypnotic. However, in our busy little lives which we lead, we forget about the natural beauty. Even today, I enjoy looking up to the sky once a month, and seeing the shining moon, and his glistening star companions looking back down upon me. In these moments, you realize how small you are, and you feel worthless (check out tomorrows post for more about this). Yet these moments come so infrequently. In fact, almost never.

I don’t like going out of my house at night, going atop a hill and gazing up into the nights sky. Those of you who are reading this that don’t know me may think I sound like an old codger but I am not. I am actually quite young. Those of you that do know me may think I am not the kind of guy to go out and sit on a hill staring at the sky, but if I could I would, I just don’t. Why not? Well, crime is like crazy here in Birmingham, UK. Just walk outside at night for about ten minutes and you will see a gang of chavs looking like they want to start a fight. No matter where you go, there are always some. This is what makes me not want to go out. Yeah I am motherfucking scared and I am proud of not wanting to fight.

So to summarize, I wish I could see the sky.

Thanks for reading, fellow old codgers.

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The Place Technology is Headed

So, the iPhone 6… it bends… you put it in your pocket for a moment, tie a shoelace, or pick something off the ground, and then suddenly your phone is bent… this is Apple came out with this year. Sales? Not very good. I know no-one with an iPhone 6. Why? Because it is shit…

Anyway, whilst technology is  advancing at an alarming rate, I can’t help but wonder… will products become more and more fragile? I mean, my phone currently is a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the Samsung Galaxy Y, and it is a cheap model… well it was still £60, but it is crap (just saying – don’t get it. It closes messages and turns itself off and has terrible RAM) however, I have dropped that phone on the floor countless times. It smashes open, and the battery and everything flies out, but the screen hasn’t cracked, the phone still works as good (as bad) as it did on day one. My friend, however, had an iPhone 4 (i think) and the screen cracked, and bits came off of it when it was dropped once.

If phones are becoming more and more fragile as time goes on, but the prices keep being bumped up, honestly, I think it will have a negative effect. I mean, people will always buy them, because they are fooled by all the marketing ploys, however one day, one man will stand up and say no, then others will follow. If people actually stop buying it, maybe then apple, and other companies will go back to the drawing board and start really advancing there phones, rather then selling the same phone with minor upgrades every year.

I feel this is the same with the new generation of consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are basically the old consoles with slightly upgraded graphics. Look at the PC, it is still far superior to both consoles. People expected a PC-like console when they purchased this new generation. What they got, they were disappointed with. This generation has had terrible sales. Most people (like myself) literally don’t care about them anymore. In fact, I for one, have stopped playing games really. The industry is terrible. Full of scams, and marketing ploys. All run by people trying to get money.

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Women are Degraded Everywhere

They are degraded everywhere. There is no form of media in which they aren’t. TV, Music, Games, Films, Comics, and worst of all, real life. Just take a look around you *queue Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit* women are being objectified everywhere! I mean, I don’t blame schoolkids as much, they are young and horny. When I was that young I spent my school days perving on girls, it’s part of school life… or was that just me? Probably just me.. The thing that shocks me however is when you go out and see 30 year old guys acting perverted, and checking out girls. I have even seen 50 year old guys checking out schoolgirls, and that is just sick (the bad meaning of sick… not the new meaning chavs give it).

I just think it is terrible that in modern society people still don’t have respect. I mean, if you find a woman attractive, you should respect her feelings and diginity. Women aren’t there just for guys (or girls) to check out. They have feelings. Men, they are just like you, except with boobs and a hole instead of a third leg. Think of them like that.

I think, however, that it isn’t just down to the people. It is down to what is seen as normal. For this, the media is, once again, responsible. As I mentioned in ‘Too Skinny, Too Fat, It Doesn’t Matter!!!’ the media promotes the Barbie image in magazines and things, but in TV programmes aimed at men, ‘The Inbetweeners’ being a prime example, degrading women is, in a way, promoted. I do like The Inbetweeners, which may sound weird, but I find it amusing, however I don’t agree with degrading women. Loads of people seem to not realize that what is on screen, shouldn’t really be copied. It is just presenting situations that are amusing.

Anyway, I feel that this world we live in is getting worse. Racism, sexism, and just generally being offensive, is all on the rise, and this is not a world I want to live in, but I have to, and I hope that this post gave you… well it didn’t really do anything other then let you all know that I think the world is shit… so yeah enjoy thinking about my thoughts…  Also, many thanks to The Thinly Veiled Cynic. His post which was inspired by my casual sex post inspired me to right this…. so it is sort of two way inspirational stuff….

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Too Skinny, Too Fat, It Doesn’t Matter!!!

So, I always seem to start my articles with the word so even though it isn’t grammatically correct. I should probably stop doing that. Anyway, this article is going to be about how different cultures view weight, and why it really doesn’t matter how much you weight.

In certain countries, and several hundred years ago, being overweight was seen as something attractive about someone. It meant that they had enough money to eat a lot of food, and that meant that they could provide for you, and therefore they began to be seen as attractive. My question is, what the hell changed? Why is being skinny promoted everywhere now? How did it start? Well this can all be traced back to March of 1959 when ‘Mattel’ first originally started distributing ‘Barbie’. This doll had an impossible shape. A woman with a body so ‘perfectly shaped’ that movies began to follow this figure during the 1960’s so that the women in them who wore bikinis and other similar items of clothing looked just like it.

This continued throughout the 1970s as more and more models became drug users, and continued looking like this because of it. This furthermore inspired clothing designers to create slim fitting outfits, for which they needed slim models, not only to fit the clothes, but also because the camera tends to distort those on it, making people look like they have more weight then they really do, so ‘the skinnier the better’. This trend continued throughout the 80s, right up until the modern day, except now we have the media pressing this ‘perfect body’ idea into people, and making men think that it is good to have a slim girl, so they are brainwashed into wanting one, and since men now also want slim women, the women want to look desirable. So the circle continues.

I do not like repeating things that others regularly say, however it is the only thing I CAN say for this topic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know guys who like overweight women. I know girls that like overweight men. I know guys that like girls with shaved heads! At the end of the day, for every person out there, there are over a hundred people who find that person attractive, I guarantee it.

On top of all of this, there are the people that see beauty differently, and I know that what I am about to say is true. You can meet someone who ‘isn’t your type’ or who you wouldn’t usually date. Then you can talk to them. You begin to see how much of a great person they are, and then suddenly, you start to look at them differently. Slowly you start thinking “Actually, they look pretty damn hot!” and then you find yourself fantasizing about having sex with them in the middle of the woods, or whatever it is that you imagine doing. That is happened to me, just not the fantasizing about having sex with them in the woods…. no it was a train for me.

In all seriousness however, looks aren’t everything, and there are less and less people who share the same views as me it seems. In this sick and twisted society that we have come to live in nowadays, where the media rules, and crime is on the rise, there are so little people with good morale views, and people who actually see the world as it should be seen. Just because someone is a little overweight, or has a big neck, or six toes on a foot, that doesn’t stop them from being attractive, and no matter what, this doesn’t kill the beauty that is on the inside of that person. That is the real beauty.

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The Stress of Education… is it Good or Bad?

This article is going to follow on a bit from the subject I talked about yesterday. The Postives and Negatives of Technology, and Views of Modern Society. So if you didn’t read that article, I would recommend it, but if you can’t be bothered because you came for THIS article, and not the OTHER one, then I will quickly recap. Yesterday I spoke about how people who have been brought up in this ‘digital’ world that we currently live in are doing nothing with there lives, and aspire to be on benefits for the rest of there lives, or do a 9-5 job for minimum wage.

Now today’s topic is about the stress of education, and how school kids are put under extreme stress if they want to achieve good grades. The education board is, in response, making the exams increasingly difficult, and marking them increasingly harder. Now I don’t know what this is like in the states, but I am from the UK and all I can say is, it is ridiculous the amount of stress school kids go under, and the main thing that I actually laugh about is that all of the exams literally involve memorizing things for the tests, and then forgetting them after. School doesn’t teach you about paying bills and taxes. No, it teaches you complex algorithms and all about matter, and dissecting frogs. Do we need to learn this? No, and yet maths and science are compulsory subjects. I have never wanted to be a scientist or a mathematician, and yet I took them at GCSE, and STILL TO THIS DAY I have not used ANY of them. I don’t give a shit about protons, neutrons and electrons and how some of them move really fast when you heat up water.

Let’s go back to yesterdays topic about those idiots sitting at home all day. Now these kinds of people don’t really want to do much with there lives, and, ironically, they may have been put in this mindset BY the stress which is caused from school and college, and exams, because they realized how tough it is to do well, and how much anxiety it can cause you, so they just gave up on there dreams and settled for sitting in the house all day eating wotsits and getting a blowjob from a prostitute every other day.

Going to school and trying to achieve your dreams IS really stressful. I know, I have been there, and even know I am still working towards what I really want to do in live, however is this anxiety justified? The other side of the argument says that, it is, because it separates those people who are determined to find there real path in life from those who can’t get over the first hurdle. It can also show people a general view which you should carry with you throughout life. If you try really hard, and get through the bad things, you will eventually get a good result.

However… is it really worth it?

Here in the UK you only get your first real qualification when you are 16 years old. You go through Nursery, Infant School, Junior School AND Secondary School all just to get a qualification so you can get a job. In the last few years, you find yourself revising every night, and throwing away any chance you might have of a real social life, just so you get the result that you want. Now I found the stress too immense, which is why in the end I found that I under-performed at GCSE level, which I do regret, but as I always say, it wasn’t REALLY my fault. Back when there was less stress, and Junior School, I out-performed most people. I didn’t revise EVERY night, and yet I got a good result. Why was that? Well, because there was no REAL stress. The thought that if I didn’t get a good result, I wouldn’t get to college, I wouldn’t get a job… none of that was there.

On the contrary, I know some people actually work well under stress. It makes them revise that much harder, and when they finally get that taste of sweet success, it makes it that much better. So that person who sits on his ass all day eating wotsits… maybe if he fought through that stress and actually got a taste of success, and his real life dreams were in sight, maybe he would be more motivated to fight to achieve his dreams. So he would be separated from the people who couldn’t get over the first hurdle, so does that mean that the stress is good? Does it really serve a purpose?

In my opinion, no. The kinds of stress that people go through can cause life long problems. It causes what I call, so pleasantly, the circle of woe. When you are at school, for example, you revise a lot, and if you are, the stereotypical ‘nerd’, then you will, because you revise a lot, not socialize as much with people, causing you to become isolated, and alone. This, combined with the stress of education, can cause depression. So you suffer it throughout your school life. Then it continues onto your college life. When you start, you still suffer from it, and therefore you don’t want to socialize because people think you are weird because you LOOK depressed. Then you get worried about your looks because, you think, is it because I am unattractive? This can then go further, and lead to self-harm, or even suicide, but if you are lucky, you cane escape the circle, by seeking help, or, of course, by escaping at the end of your school life. However, unfortunately, you can become trapped in the circle. I myself was once caught in the circle, but I have since escaped partially.

The stress caused by education is too much in my opinion. Whilst the government seem to think that they need to challenge kids more, I feel that they are challenged enough, and they need to, maybe even relax the marking of exams more. They feel too many people are getting good grades, well doesn’t that mean that education is working? Teachers are doing there jobs right? This whole system is bad. You know when adults say ‘I wish I was young again’ well that is because they enjoyed there childhood. At this rate, when the current generation reaches that nostalgic phase, they will still be nostalgic, but they won’t want to relive there youth, because they didn’t enjoy it. We only live one time, we should enjoy it, and not be forced to battle with stress and anxiety for all of our lives.

Thanks for reading,

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