Keira Knightley Poses Topless

So a few days ago a magazine came out with a real, unedited photo of Keira Knightley showing her breasts. Yes, all you crazy perverted men out there, it actually really happened.

What she did was a statement. A statement about how much photos are edited to make people look different to real life. She said that she would pose topless, if the photo was in no way edited, or manipulated, or had an effects added onto it at all. It was to stand up against all of the false imagery in the world.

I must say however, looking at the photograph, the photo isn’t perfect, no, but it also is edited slightly. The image is black and white, which immediately takes out some of her ‘imperfections’ . You will not be able to see if, for example, she had a rash, has marks on her skin. You can’t really see anything like that.

I think the main thing she was aiming for was to tell people ‘No I don’t have big boobs. I am me, I was born this way, I don’t care.’. It is very bold for her to stand up and say this, and it makes me rank her alongside Emma Watson in this years list of people who have stood up for themselves, and women. They have also helped try and make people realize how corrupt, and terrible our society is.

In this world, we encourage women to become super skinny. We make people anorexic. We make people not feel comfortable with themselves because of there weight, breast or penis size, hair, tattoos, face, legs, waist, hips, literally everything is criticized in this world. There is no perfect person. Everyone is unique, and individual. People need to realise this, and stop acting pathetic.

We are who we are. Be proud of yourself.

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The Photo (For all you perverts)

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Perfect Life (Poem)

Blue seeps though this blackness
Yet no birds lurk among the leaves
I can’t sleep through this loneliness
Someones loving presence is all I need

Take a moment to look around
There are no leaves on the trees
In this cold there is no sound
Yet a perfect world everyone sees

No one can see through my skin
They can’t see this hurt buried deep inside
Unknown is this life full of sin
And the demons haunting my tainted mind

As the sky returns to black
I know this time I won’t be set free
Soon, it will come before I crack
A new life, then, I shall see

Women Shouldn’t Have To Wear Makeup

So I am sort of a feminist. I mean, I have never thought about it until over the last few days, but I believe in equal rights, I believe in equal pay, equal opportunities, so how am I not a feminist? I also know I gained a good few of my followers from my previous posts about women, and how they are degraded in everyday life, so I thought I would continue the trend with todays post about why women should not have to wear makeup.

Women are forced to wear makeup in todays society. It is literally compulsory. If you don’t you are seen as ugly by most other women and men. It is just how the world works. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. Society has engrained this idea of the ‘perfect’ women with her hourglass figure, highlighted features, and perfect skin. This isn’t the perfect women. Why? Because there is no perfect woman. In fact, what is seen by society to be the perfect woman is perhaps as far from perfect as you can get.

Let’s think. To achieve and maintain this ‘perfect’ image you need to starve yourself most of the time, or binge eat. You need to draw around or on your face with a pen for no real good reason, you need to add color to your skin, again for no reason, and finally you need to burn your hair into a style seen as attractive using straighteners or curlers.

What on earth made people think that is attractive? Whoever invented makeup is stupid. When I went on my first date with my current girlfriend I actually said to her ‘don’t wear makeup because I want to see your natural beauty’. Of course, she refused, but she refused because she doesn’t want the judgemental eyes of society thinking she is unattractive when in actual fact, if you have the guts to go out of your house with no makeup on, that means you have confidence in your natural beauty, and you don’t need to go out in a mask of makeup.

So ladies, why not go out with no makeup on, and show people yourself? And men, why not appreciate your girlfriends real looks, instead of her fake looks? If you tell a girl she is beautiful with no makeup on, I think that is one of thr biggest compliments you can give a girl.

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Is Everyone Worthless?

So this follows on a tad from yesterday’s post ‘The City Lights’ so check that out if you haven’t already. Anyway, have you ever just looked up at the sky, at the stars and the moon, and thought about how small you are? The moon is 384,400 km away from Earth. It’s diameter is 3,476 km, and it is 4.527 billion years old. That is so much bigger, and older, then you or I. Think about this, when you and I are both dead and gone in, what could be one second, or at about a hundred years, the moon will most likely still be there, and it will be for millions of generations to come. The stars you see in the night sky (if they are visible over the city lights) have been dead a long time, and you are seeing the past, technically. So if they are so big, and you are so small, then you are literally worthless in comparison to them, or are you?

The thing is, everything you say, and everything you do effects the world. That may seem like an over statement, but think about this. Imagine there is someone online who is suicidal. They comment on a song that they like about how they love it, and it is so inspirational, if you then go and reply to that comment, criticizing the song, and the music, you may not know it, but you could be pushing that person over the age. Sometimes little things can push someone too far. That person could go on to take there own life minutes later. You wouldn’t know, but you could be responsible for that person taking there life. Now think about how many people you encounter every day. If someone asks you for directions in the street, you could give them wrong directions, or right directions. If you give them wrong directions, even by accident, that person could be late. What if it was for a job interview? That could cost them a job. They could then get depression. They could then kill themselves. Wow, I am really cheerful today. Ok, now something cheerful. If that person approached someone who intentionally gave them wrong directions, they could be late. If you give them right directions, they could be on time for a job interview, they could get that job, they could get promoted, get a great salary, live a happy life, all because you gave them right directions one day. Think about how crazy the small things are.

Quite literally, every word counts. One person could see this post today, and realize how valuable they are. This post could save someones life. I don’t know this do I? Maybe this post makes someone think they could make loads of mistakes and make loads of people miserable. My response is, but you may also make all of them happy. You could go out tomorrow morning and just say hello to somebody in the morning in the street. That could put them in a good mood. They may then talk about this to there friends who may do it themselves. So the cycle of happiness continues. Every little thing you do counts. Everyone makes a difference in this world.

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