The Life Poster
United Kingdom

Bio: I am The Life Poster. I post rants, raves, and I try and mimic my boring life, when in reality, I spent most of my time doing entertaining things. I spend most of my life making music or writing. Now I also blog as a friend of mine said I should stop pratting about writing long essay-like posts on Facebook and start one, so I decided to do just that. I respond to anything at all anyone sends me, even if you are threatening to kill me, or preaching about how you think Liam Neeson is God or how you want to marry Jennifer Lawrence. Even if you are one of the minute group of people who think Stephen King killed John Lennon, I will still reply, but please, don't spam me with hate. I will just have to hire Stephen King as my bodyguard, since he is DEFINITELY capable of murder. I post daily, but if I miss a day occasionally please do NOT again try and kill me, because I will send Stephen King after you. So to conclude, do anything you want at all, but don't kill me. I have the power of Stephen King, and have you read his stories? He is a psycho. You don't want to mess with Stephen King. Anyway, see you soon, The Life Poster

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