The Piss-Take that is Life (Personal Tales #2)

So I am going through more shit right now. I always seem to go through loads of stress, but right now is taking the piss even more then anything in a while. I had to leave my fiancee, which resulted in other bad things happening, and I am now left with nothing except work, and this blog. I still have almost no friends, except I am talking to a couple of people who COULD end up becoming friends.

In my life right now, I talk to a guy from college, a guy from my secondary school who talk to occasionally, and a random girl from somewhere in America I met on Omegle. She seems cool, but she is in America. Other then that, I have no one, and nothing on my side. I have my work as a Sound Engineer. I work extra days, do extra shifts, unpaid work, anything to keep my mind off of my life.

This life I lead is painful. Oh so very painful. I know it could be worse. I stopped really caring a long time ago. In fact I kind of want it to get harder just to see how much I can take. I am already being pushed, but I have a hunch that I will be pushed further.

Despite having little to do, I know I haven’t posted much lately. I have just been dealing with emotions, and trying to gain a social life. I have always dealt with my problems on my own, but sometimes it feels like I need to talk to people about things. Usually, I can’t, or I try and lay all of my problems on someone I barely know and they just don’t care.

Anyway, I am going to post more regularly now. Starting tonight. I will probably upload every second day from now on actually. It just makes it easier for me then every day.

I hope you all are well,

The Life Poster


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