Andrew Garfield Fired as Spider Man

So basically Andrew Garfield has been fired as Spider Man… why? Well The Amazing Spider Man 2 underperformed A LOT. Even worse then The Amazing Spider Man. Sony’s original plans where to have ‘The Sinister Six’ come out in around 2015/2016 along with a ‘Venom’ movie and another film simply known as ‘A Film in the Spider Man Universe with a Female Lead’. This would then be followed with The Amazing Spider Man 3. This has all gone downhill after the second film underperformed.

Now the ‘Venom’ film has been scrapped, along with The Amazing Spider Man 3. Andrew Garfield isn’t going to be Spider Man anymore, however a Spider Man in some form will be in ‘The Sinister Six’ movie which is still going ahead. Personally I think this is terrible. I thought Andrew Garfield portrayed Peter Parker and Spider Man really well. He beat Tobey Maguire as well in my opinion.

Of course, this isn’t officially confirmed yet, but it almost certainly is true. An article has been published on along with inside information.

Anyway thank you all for reading, I hope this is as crushing to you as it has been for me.

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  1. I think this was going to happen, the reboot has not worked out too well. They made Spiderman too edgy and cool. Peter Parker is supposed to be a loser that turns into a hero when he dons the suit. The dark tone of the Amazing Spiderman movies just did not work, Spiderman is supposed to be a light hearted character.

    He did not beat Toby Maguire, Maguire was much better in the role of Spiderman than Andrew Garfield, also look at the box office, the Garfield movies just did not attract the same size audience.

    Amazing Spiderman 2 was a failure for its size.


    • You are right in some ways Joe, however in other ways I don’t agree. I liked the ‘darker’ tone the gave the movies and feel it succeeded in some ways, but also failed in others. The second movie wasn’t as good as the first definitely, but it was still a good movie in its own right.

      I think the reason the more recent spiderman movies aren’t doing that well is because
      1) Of the fact that the new series is so soon after the original Tobey Maguire series
      2) The fact that Spider Man 3 didn’t do too well, and so that, joined with the fact that Andrew Garfield took over, was destined for failure.

      I personally however, prefer the new two films to the Raimi trilogy, but that is probably just me.


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