The City Lights

So today, if I actually publish this post when I originally intended to, is October 8th, and today is a full moon. This is great… woo…  a full moon in a starry sky I can barely see because it is blinded by city lights. When I open my window tonight to look at the beautiful moon all I will be able to hear is the constant rumble of traffic going past my house, drunk guys shouting, and the club over the road playing terrible pop music, or it will be karaoke night, so I will need earplugs.

I have written enough points for you to probably guess what I am going to say. Well you are wrong. In this world… this terrible 21st century world… why must we always forget about the little things? Whilst everyone is worrying about work, school, college, relationships, friendships, or whatever we worry, or get excited about, we always forget that all this stress we have, no other species really experiences these kind of emotions.

When humans first came about, we were primitive, and we only really knew how to eat, sleep, shit, and fuck. That was it. That was all of human life in a nutshelf for ages. Now look how far we have come. Wow. Admittedly, looking at rushing traffic, actually can be nice. Not from my window though, but when I went to the States, I actually liked looking at the traffic. It was relaxing, in a weird way, and so was the noise. Almost hypnotic. However, in our busy little lives which we lead, we forget about the natural beauty. Even today, I enjoy looking up to the sky once a month, and seeing the shining moon, and his glistening star companions looking back down upon me. In these moments, you realize how small you are, and you feel worthless (check out tomorrows post for more about this). Yet these moments come so infrequently. In fact, almost never.

I don’t like going out of my house at night, going atop a hill and gazing up into the nights sky. Those of you who are reading this that don’t know me may think I sound like an old codger but I am not. I am actually quite young. Those of you that do know me may think I am not the kind of guy to go out and sit on a hill staring at the sky, but if I could I would, I just don’t. Why not? Well, crime is like crazy here in Birmingham, UK. Just walk outside at night for about ten minutes and you will see a gang of chavs looking like they want to start a fight. No matter where you go, there are always some. This is what makes me not want to go out. Yeah I am motherfucking scared and I am proud of not wanting to fight.

So to summarize, I wish I could see the sky.

Thanks for reading, fellow old codgers.

The Life Poster


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