Live Music: What is the Point?

I scheduled this post. Just saying. Why? Because as you read this I am on my way to a concert, or at it. I am seeing Black Veil Brides. They are alright… but I am going with Mrs so I have to say that or I will get moaned at! No, not really. However, it inspired today’s topic. What is the point in live music? When you see the band they are probably going to play songs you know and have heard time and time again. The experience will last what, 3 hours? Is it worth paying like £30 a ticket just to see a band play songs you know, and move about on a stage a bit?

People’s responses on this will probably vary. I know people that don’t go to live concerts just because they feel it is a waste of money, since you could just listen to the songs at home very loud and have a similar experience. Other people will agree with me, in that, you pay mainly to see the band play. It is all a visual thing. You see the people you enjoy the music of. You see them playing it, you see how they play it, and you get, hopefully a great experience. There is just something about going to a concert, hearing the music blast in your eardrums, and seeing a band that you love, that just can’t be beaten. It is a great experience. So yeah this is definitely a point to it. Admittedly, I don’t think it is worth the prices that some bands charge, but it is still brilliant nonetheless.

I don’t exactly understand what makes a concert great though completely. Seeing the band you adore is brilliant sure, so why not go to a signing? I would prefer a concert to a signing any day and I am sure most people would. Is it the atmosphere? The vibe that is let off? The feeling that you are surrounded by similar people to you and you all love the same band? What is it? I think it is mostly a psychological thing.

Question time once more. That sounds like a childish thing to say… anyway, what do you love the most about the live experience? Is it the people screaming down your earholes? Getting crushed in moshpits? Or hearing your favorite band members shout for you to ‘move like you’re fucking crazy’ or whatever they shout?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and thanks all for reading!

The Life Poster


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