What Is More Important?

So… I always start with so… I really need to stop that. I feel like I have said this before now. Deja Vu…

What is more important to you? Love or money? The two do correlate with each other sometimes. You can’t really keep a relationship going if you have no money. Well you can, but the stress of never being able to get anything really makes things tense, trust me I know, but what is more important? Would you rather have an amazing partner, or a million pounds, or dollars, or what ever currency you have where you are from?

What is more important? Fame or Fortune? Would you rather be famous, and go down in history as being an amazing person at a subject of your choice, but not get that much money for it, or be rich for the rest of your life, but with no recognition?

Or how about friends or family? The list is almost endless of hard questions about what is more important to you.

Now all of these things really matter to people. Understandably so, but what is really more important in the world? All of these things cause happiness to people, and with none of those things, most people would be depressed, and would feel like there life had almost no meaning, but each to there own. Everyone has something they prefer, but in terms of everyone, what is really the most important thing, undeniably so? Well I googled this, and this is the link I found. I am an atheist, and therefore to me the top answer is void, however the likes to dislikes says a lot.

I looked up the statistics of what people seem to think. Devoted religious believers all seem to think that there faith is most important to them. People not as devoted, or atheists mostly said family. Some others said friends, but drastically less. Some others (again a much lower percentage however) said money, followed by power. Then there are others who put pussy as number one… nothing needs to be said about that.

What do YOU, the reader, think is more important to you in this life? Is it friends? Family? Money? Even if it is pussy, leave it in the comments below. Let me know YOUR opinion. Personally, I think music is above everything to me. A controversial opinion probably, but I could lose my entire family, and if I had music that I could relate to, I could get through it all. With music I could get through anything. I know I am probably one in a million, but it is what I feel. Tell me your opinion anyway!

Thanks for reading, comment your opinion and feel free to follow if you enjoyed the post!

The Life Poster


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