Scotland Stays With the UK (For Now)

So the results came in, and as I expected, Scotland are still with us. As the country breathes a huge sigh of relief, David Cameron is still working ferociously on keeping Scotland happy, because many things were promised to them to in a way win them over, so they would stay.

Scotland now can control there own tax rates, have a bigger say in parliament, and loads of other things, so that they still in a way get independence. If they had voted yes, they would have still got all of this, except they would be in debt, and wouldn’t have there own armed forces. This is the good option. However how long will things stay calm? Sure David Cameron will not be down as the president who separated the countries, but he is still under scrutiny, and so is Ed Miliband, and Nick Clegg. The results were so close, that they are all being criticized for not fighting hard enough.

I have also seen a lot of Scottish citizens on the internet who voted for yes complaining a lot about not getting there independence. My answer is, in a way you are. Sure you are part of the United Kingdom, but we all work together, we aren’t at war anymore, there isn’t racism going on, so there isn’t much to complain about? I do understand that you feel you should be known as your own country, and since we took control of you years ago, you think, since times have changed, that now you should get your freedom.

I am not against either point of view really, I see both sides to this argument, however I do think that we are part of a family, all of the countries in the United Kingdom. We are UNITED, there shouldn’t be disputes, we are friends. Scottish people live in England, English people live in Scotland. There is no racism, we don’t attack each other. Everything has been fine in our lives for ages, so why change it all up now? It is simply unnecessary.

Anyway, in a decade, there will be another chance for Scotland to get there independence. It isn’t too far away in the long scheme of things, so maybe things will go differently then. I think it is only matter of time until the United Kingdom becomes the Divided Kingdom. It is sad to think this, but it is true.

Thanks for reading, no matter what your opinion is,

The Life Poster


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