A Talk about the Scottish Independence Vote (Before Finding Out The Results)

So for those of you in America, or wherever around the world you are, if you don’t know Scotland had the election yesterday. It was for whether or not they should be classified as there own country separate from the United Kingdom. This has caused a HUGE uproar and loads of controversy from both sides. I for one, feel that the United Kingdom is a family. Yes, at one time, several hundreds of years ago, we fought for control of Scotland, and we took them over. However times have changed, and now we are like a family. As the years have gone on, everyone has become accustomed the way things are, and Scottish citizens have merged with our society, and, as I said, we are all like a big family now.

I understand why Scotland wants its independence. They will finally be free from our grasps, and no longer will they be controlled by our government. Ireland has its own one, and Scotland, unfortunately for them, is ruled by ours, so it IS understandable why they want to be free from all of this. HOWEVER, this will cause them more harm then good, as they will inherit some of our countries debt, because for those who don’t know, England is in a fuck-ton of debt, way more then it should be considering it is one of the most advanced countries in the world.

Another reason why this is a bad thing for Scotland is that they want get there own army, so if, for some reason, a war started, they would have nothing to fight with, which is a terrible thing, because (whilst it is unlikely) any country could actually go and take them over. This could cause more wars, however this is VERY unlikely.

I am very eager to see the outcome of the vote, which will be revealed in 5 hours from now I think, so I am nervous. This could be a huge change, and will go down in history if it gets through. The UK flag will be changed, and it will effect the world that my children and grandchildren will grow up. It IS a HUGE deal.

Anyway, I will write another blog after I find out the results!

Thanks for reading,

The Life Poster


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