Me, Myself, I, and The Life Poster

I am the life poster… and I am here to talk to you all about me. Well, to begin, I only started this blog because I kept writing massive long paragraphs on Facebook and people told me to start one, so that is what I did. Now, here we are! I am the grammatically correct, English and Music nerd who is now attempting to write something of mild interest to other people.

I will be blogging about my life, all of the ups and downs, and my experiences, along with trying to keep it mildly amusing, mildly interesting, and mostly…. bearable. I don’t want to put everyone off my blog immediately, which I have a feeling I will do…

Just for all of your informaton, I tend to ramble about topics, and go off on tangents. Which is a very unprofessional way to go about things… but who ever said I am professional? Whoever told you that is a prick. Oh and I will occasionally swear… but a healthy amount. Swearing is a way of letting others know that you are on the same level as them. If you don’t swear you are quite uptight and afraid to taint your image. That is my opinion anyway, but I may save my full explanation of that for another article at some point, maybe…

Anyway, time for some other interesting things you MAY want to know about me. I say ‘anyway’ a lot, and ‘for starters’, so get used to all that. I am also quite crazy… but only a healthy amount… I think… but crazy people don’t know they are crazy do they really? So I could be schizophrenic and I wouldn’t know it… that is a weird thought…

Anyway… (see, I said it again… it is annoying) I am going to leave you all alone for a bit so you can get back to your YouTube videos…. or that message you have on your phone that you need to respond to, so you keep pausing reading to reply, and then need to reread the paragraph to remember where you were…. but then they reply AGAIN and the whole circle repeats. So if you ARE one of those people, then let that person wait for a bit so you can read what I have to say…. or just close this blog and carry on browsing the internet. I will never know.

See you all soon, or never again…

The Life Poster



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